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Tis the time of year to clear some space and that applies to painting studios!  It's the first time I've offered works in an online sale; seems better that they are enjoyed on someone's wall than hiding unseen and unappreciated.  There are 50+ paintings here, most are unframed and reduced from their normal sale price by up to 40% from my usual gallery prices.  All are under £500. These are not works that I personally have deemed unframable - I just have painted more pictures than I ever get around to framing!  


All work can be posted, the cost of which would be added.  If you wish to see a painting in the flesh and can visit my Dundee studio then please let me know. I hope you might find something you like and please get in touch with me through the contact page above.   Click the orange button below for the sale page.  Thank you for taking a look!  

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